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Top quality care with no waiting time at an affordable price

Why Choose Swedish MedCare?

Doctor and Patient


We have high demands on our partners, and are therefor highly selective when choosing whom we want to work with. All of our clinics have been evaluated by our Swedish MedCare Medical Advisory Board (MAB), consisting of experienced Swedish doctors and professors. 


Riga lies closer than you may think, and is only a 1 hour flight away. It was once Sweden's largest city, and is today a modern and tourist friendly city, known for its medical university, and with a culture similar to our own.


Swedish MedCare will take care of all logistics in preparation for your visit. Our Swedish speaking staff will give you a tailored service experience and will accompany you from start to finish, through our SMC Assistance program. 

Great service makes happy patients

"Through my employer and their agreement with Feelgood Plus I got in touch with Swedish MedCare. I was in urgent need of surgery but the waiting times in Sweden were too long. From the moment I first contacted Swedish MedCare to when I was in surgery took less than 2 weeks. Everything har gone quickly and smoothly, they have helped me with everything surrounding my surgery such as train and flight ticket, pickup at airport, hotel, driving me to and from the clinics, everything was better than my expectations, meaning the highest grade for my entire stay incl. operation. 


If I had to wait for surgery with Swedish MedCare and the Swedish hospitals and they would have had the same wait times, I would have gone to Riga to get my operation done, it doesn't get any better than this. I have been well received with 100% service in all aspects, and I can highly recommend everyone to get in contact with Swedish MedCare for help from a very serious clinic and staff."


   / Benny


Our Services

3D Scans

The most extensive health check on the market.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Full body or single organ MRI. 


Gateway into the healthcare program for prostate cancer.


Full body scan using the latest technology. 


A wide range of fertility


logo-rezum copy.png

Skonsam men effektiv behandling för dig med förstorad prostata.


Diagnostics and treatment of pain and injury. 

Medical Record Analysis

Health check ups tailored to your individual needs. 

Top Quality Service

We know that what sets apart fantastic service from the ordinary lies in the details, and giving customers that little something extra. That is why we have created SMC Assistance, which is our service program that helps you with whatever you might need during your stay. 


All of our treatments and health check ups include a personal SMC host that will assist you with everything from transportation, lodging, making sure you are on time for appointments, making reservations, and much more. Your host will meet you at your arrival in Riga and will accompany you during your entire stay until it is time for your departure. 

SMC Medical Advisory Board (MAB)

We at SMC strive for offering the best possible care, which includes having facilities and staff of the highest quality. We therefor have high standards when choosing our partners and put a lot of time and effort into the process. 

To ensure that the medical quality of our services is of the highest level we have created the SMC Medical Advisory Board (MAB). This team of Swedish doctors and professors evaluate potential new partners and only choose the best. 


When choosing new partners we look at everything from ISO+ standard, liability insurance, ethics, and the clinic's way of organizing and conducting their business, to ensure the highest quality of care. 

Advisory Board

Travelling to Riga is Easy

Travelling to Riga is quick and there are various forms of transportation to choose from. When you have received your confirmation from SMC you can bok your trip yourself or contact us for assistance with arranging your travel. 

Nonstop flights depart from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Oslo, and will take you to Riga in about 1 hour. SMC has the benefit of being located close to Riga airport. If you prefer another form of travel there are comfortable ferry rides between Riga & Stockholm every day. You depart from Stockholm or Riga in the afternoon, have a nice night onboard the ferry and then arrive at your destination 11 am after a comfortable night's sleep. 

Reservations and bookings taken care of by SMC Assistance:

  • Booking all health exams and/or treatments

  • Hotel reservation

  • Booking a car service and chauffeur

  • Booking an SMC host that will accompany you during your visit


This service is included in the price you pay. You will have free access to a car and chauffeur during your stay in Riga and your host will help you with making all arrangements according to your wishes. 

Contact Us 

Tel. +46 73 817 33 39 +46 73 843 36 77

Lacplesa street 27-2, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia

Thank you! We will contact you shortly.

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